Nomen est omen

The great name binds us

If you have a Hungarian or a European trademark matter that needs the attention of a professional attorney, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the website of Georg Pintz & Partners, Hungary. Our firm is one of the three largest specialised IP law firms in Hungary with an international presence and global online services for trademark professionals and companies all around the world. We have a history of more than 25 years in intellectual property prosecution.

The patent attorneys and lawyers of Georg Pintz & Partners provide professional counsel and representation before courts and authorities (Hungarian and European) for all issues concerning Hungarian and European patents, trade marks, designs, competition law, copyright law and also Internet-related matters, e.g. domain dispute resolution. Our patent and trademark attorneys are registered to practice before the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, national and community courts, OHIM, EPO and WIPO. When it comes to infringement matters, our office handles contentious cases on a team work basis: our patent attorneys are assisted by lawyers with extensive litigation practice ("barristers"). Georg Pintz and Partners focuses on the most efficient solutions in intellectual property rights protection. The experience of our attorneys enables us to successfully represent our clients in all types of IP cases.

We hope that you will find useful information on these pages. If you are not yet sure if you need legal help, please read the relevant section of the website. The patent and trademark registration guides will also be useful for our fellow attorney colleagues from foreign countries.

It is worth to note for American and Asian visitors of our site that some of our services concerning the EU and Community Trademarks (CTM applications) are available for a discount price under our special website:

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